Museum Day!


So, as I mentioned yesterday in my little update, I went to the Heard Museum in Phoenix on Saturday! My friend Alexis, who I’ve known since?? 2001? Haha jeeze, crazy how our dads ended up retiring in the same city after being active duty for forever.

ANYWHO. She invited me to said museum for the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Exhibit! I hadn’t seen her since my birthday I think? And I adore Frida Kahlo, so of course I was down to take an adventure!

A little thing about this exhibit, it was in Europe and on its way to Mexico, but for some reason (comment below if you have any idea why!) it made its only stop in North America– PHOENIX, ARIZONA. How insane is that? ALL of the art work is ORIGINAL. Like… The fucking canvas’ that they used. I was in awe the whole time. There were also original photos taken of them, which was fantastic. It was as if you were being sucked into their time period. Have you ever had a better feeling while looking at art? A HUGE chunk of art history every single direction I looked in.. absolutely incredible.

Of course, having taken art classes throughout high school and college, I have seen many pieces of work from the two, but in person.. oh my god, the experience was so surreal you guys! I can’t even properly express how intense of a feeling that was! ❤

I’ll post a few photos below:


This is just a small portion of the exhibit.. I tried to restrain myself from taking a photo of EVERYTHING, and to just let myself enjoy it all. I am so incredibly happy that Heard Museum was able to be apart of this exhibit’s journey, and even more so that I am right around the corner. Grateful to have been given the opportunity to take a trip through history.

Apart from this, I also was able to explore the rest of the museum with Alexis, which was pretty cool. I enjoyed myself so, so much.

Here are more photo collages:

The inspiration from our history as human beings was a fucking roller coaster of emotions, mostly good and terrifying ones LOL.

When given the chance, PLEASE go check out some museums/etc. EXPAND YOUR MIND! It is the best thing that I have ever taken from the bullshit that constantly spewed from my high school art teacher’s mouth. It is some damn good advice, trust me.


xoxo kikis

Hey? Hi? Hello? // QUICK UPDATE

So… I’m not dead HAHA. I am SOOOO SORRY that I have been completely silent for?? I don’t even know how long! 😦

A little summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • job hunting
  • expanding ‘family’ for Kikis Photography & Co.
  • exploring and branding my photography (in LOVE)
  • growing with this amazing social media family, I love talking with you guys!!
  • QUITTING SMOKING! (today, May 15th, is officially day 1 since I smoked half yesterday morning.. but HEY!)

Alright, I have a post showing my trip to the Heard Museum in Phoenix when I got to experience the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit! OH MY GOD, what an AMAZING experience! Thanks again to my wonderful friend Alexis (friends since ’01 AYEE).

Here’s a shot of me in front of the best background EVER:


(Thanks, Alexis <3)

And here are some photos that I’ve taken at this beautiful park that I discovered recently:

That’s just a little update on life, I’ll have the museum post up tomorrow! I can’t wait to share it.

As for projects I’ve been working on, be sure to look out for those in the next week or two! ❤


xoxo kikis

Happy Easter!

Hey guys! Happy Easter! 🙂 Today, I’m home alone with the pup and Ben is at work. 😦 Like always haha. I’ve been rather busy in my personal life lately, and I won’t get into it too much, but sorry that I’ve been kind of quiet! So, I just have a couple of mini posts crammed into one, I hope you don’t mind!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few makeup products that I created Spring inspired looks with this week!!

SOOO I’ve been loving the Roller Lash from Benefit Cosmetics lately, especially with my Subversion (UD) Lash Primer! Super quick way to brighten up your eyes. 🙂 Mine, anyway!

Of course the usuals, but I’ve been using the Urban Decay Smoky Palette more and more! A natural smoky eye is one of my favorite looks, and this helps me achieve it sooo well! And my Tarte Lip Paint? TO. DIE. FOR.

Quite honestly, it is BY FAR my favorite liquid lipstick formula! Quick drying (obv), doesn’t smudge, it is light weight and comfortable, AND it hardly wears off with food! AMAZING?!? Like, I feel like most LLs wear easily with foods? Especially more oily ones. But this one hangs pretty well!

ANDDD a little Easter OOTD for you guys! I love this dress soooososososo much, I wish I has more occasions to wear it! I got it at H&M about 2 years ago and have worn it maybe 5 times? Oi. Same with the booties! I got them in December and have worn them ONCE! Gah, I seriously need to stop spending. But we all know that it’s not going to happen AHAH shit.

18009022_190423314803221_1942692760_n (1)

Just a little snap I wanted to share. 😉

So, another WISH purchase came in!


It’s a knock off of a God Saves Queens bikini, but it’s still cute as fuck and it was $2 with $1 shipping. UHM. YES PLEASE? Seriously, how could I pass that up? Now, I got a small, when I should have purchase both small AND medium, because I don’t have a butt, but these bottoms are TINY. The top on the other hand fits perfectly! So ya girl has to start working out and busting her ass to fit into this for summer. LOL. But I seriously love it.


So, I’ve been working on some really amazing (to me) content and I CANNOT wait to share it with you guys!! I’m having a lot of fun with this, so I hope you guys will love seeing it! Stay tuned. 😉

xoxo, kikis



YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST IPSY GLAM BAG! I am sooo excited, I’ve already swatched what I could (shown below!) and I just <3_<3 omg!

It’s the cutest bag ever! I’m in love!  In my bag I received:

  • OFRA Cosmetics Rendezvous Blush
  • Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Delish
  • Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow/Highlighter
  • THEORIE Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum (excited to try this!!!)
  • PS Cosmeceutical Infused Nail Lacquer in Southern Sand (putting this on tonight!)


And, of course, the swatches (a little difficult to see from the lighting, I’m so sorry!)




WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT? IS THAT ALL MY HAIR? No, but that’s the start to my short length. And now that you mention it, I probably shouldn’t have cut it over the sink. Opps.




Okay, The front looks funky because I didn’t style it correctly (easy fix) BUT I found my way back to a pixie cut after about a year. I got my first one at 17 and now I’m 22, and have cut it short about 6 times? I don’t know why I do, I fucking hate it HAHA. But I needed all of the dead hair gone (thanks to my love of hair bleach), so HOPEFULLY I GROW IT OUT THIS YEAR (I always say that bullshit.. hahahah)

OKAY!!! Those things happened today and I really wanted to share with you guys! ^_^

xoxo, kikis

Sunday Vibes


So.. It’s Sunday. All I’ve done is sleep all day (mentally needed it). Had my coffee, took the pup out, enjoyed the weather. Now, this.

Quite honestly, My posts have felt so forced on here lately. And I’m sure you can tell. I’ve just been so off and I’m sorry, you guys really deserve to read really good, from the heart content, and I’m going to make sure you guys ALWAYS get that. I was on a Sunday/Wednesday schedule, but I think my posts are going to be completely random from now on, just so I’m able to be raw and 10000% real with everyone. Deal? 🙂


(of course sad days call for coffee and my favorite candies)

With that set aside, yesterday was probably the most heartbreaking road trip of my life. We had to give up my baby girl, because of the bullshit the Humane Society fed us.

Ben and I live in a small apartment, so we wanted a second dog that was pretty lazy like Samael is, just so she wouldn’t feel so trapped, etc. But no. They had lied to give her up, and she is theeeeee most hyper pup I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t bad at all, she was such a sweetheart and gave so much love. I just couldn’t keep her knowing she needed to be in a huge yard running around, because she wasn’t a lazy pup. So, we brought her over to my mother-in-law. She will get just as much love, and absolutely everything she needs. I’m happy that I KNOW she will be in good hands, and I’ll still be able to see her.

It hasn’t hit Sam yet, but it definitely hit me already. It’s so quiet here now. Sam is just sleeping next to me as I write this, and I don’t want to see him sad. So, I’m doing what I can to keep him distracted.

BUT  trying to stay happy. With all this stress and shit life has been throwing at me, I’m still standing. I have to be able to support my husband as much as he supports me, so I’m staying as strong as I can.

Here’s to a better week and better days ahead. I love you guys.

xoxo, kikis

NEW SKIN CARE! (combo/oily) – Mini (literally) Product Review!!

SOOOO I recently (maybe two/three months ago… oops) got my hands on some samples, and I’ve recently (two weeks.. )started using them all together, to see if my skin would improve! I have combination/oily skin, so I’m pretty scared to put new stuff on my face, but these work SO. WELL. together!


Now, I’ve already mentioned the Cindy Crawford product before, but these little samples are about to make me burn a huge hole in my pocket.


  • Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford – Crème de Sérum
  • HONEST BEAUTY – Beyond Protected Daily Fluid (No longer sold.. I’m fucking upset about it)
  • First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
  • HONEST BEAUTY – Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

OKAY OKAY I KNOW, why post about the HB daily fluid if they don’t have it anymore? Well, so you’re at least able to know what it can do for you and find a product that’s probably a lot better (FIRST AID BEAUTY.. AHEM). Sorry, HB. </3 (I only use a couple of drops of it in the morning with MBCC, so not too much of a loss.)

MORNINGS: I just wash my face with my Biore Baking Soda Liquid Pore Cleanser (shown in a previous post.. buy it here!) and moisturize with MB and the daily fluid. The Meaningful Beauty also works as an amazing foundation primer, so that’s a plus, too!

NIGHTS: I remove my make up with coconut oil, and wipe that off with a damp cloth. I wash my face with the HB gel cleanser, pat dry, and apply a pump of the Meaningful Beauty and a small amount of FAB’s hydrating serum.

BEFORE: I would wake up and my face would be sooo oily around my nose/forehead/cheeks/chin. Now, I wake up and my face is just soft and fresh.. THE BEST FEELING. ❤

It really disappoints me that the daily fluid is no longer available to purchase, but honestly, with what it does, you could probably have better results with FAB’s 5 in 1 Face Cream (SPF 30). I’m DEFINITELY going to be picking some up. One of the problems it helps with is dryness, but with combo/oily skin (primarily oily, though) YOU NEED TO MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE. STOP NOT MOISTURIZING YOUR FACE BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’LL GET WORSE. THAT’S MAKING IT WORSE!!!!!! Trust me, I KNOW. BUT!! This product is OIL FREE!!! so you’re in the clear!

*I will be doing a review on it soon, promise. ❤


xoxo, kikis

Lip Plumper.. WTF (REVIEW)

seriously.. what the fuckIMG_2650

OKAY. So I bought this thing online because it looked similar to CandyLipz, and I wanted big ass Kylie lips. Why? Because I don’t have a fucking top lip HAHA (BLESSSSS LIP LINER).

This thing was like $8? Including shipping, so not bad. Beats $50 no doubt, so if it works MAYBE I could buy the CandyLipz.. but why would I if this works hahah

So, this is what it looks like. It isn’t anything special, just a normal rubber tomato thing. Still fucking weird to me. I guess no different than an apple, sort of. I’m not sure of the other, but the rubber on this one is fairly hard to squeeze at first. It has the little lip placement, pretty simple to figure it out.

It obviously came with it’s own instructions, but my stubborn ass chose to go by the ones online, videos, etc (although they’re almost exactly the same).

I started by drinking water (to keep hydrated.. it felt right) and moisturizing my lips with my rose salve. Nice. I made sure my lips were in the middle of the hole, pushed the tomato in and let it do it’s thing for 2 minutes.. at first. It came out funky to me, so I did it the reversed side to help my top lip out. Oh this fucker hurt haha. BUT my skin is extremely sensitive to pain and other pokes and such (no, it doesn’t poke you). My god did I drool. Everywhere. Even after it told me to not drool into it.

Here are the before/after pictures (sorry, taken on my P.O.S phone). Yes, part of my bottom lip is lopsided HAHA SHUT UP. Assholes. Anyway. The after is so ❤ Just lipstick, no liner!

My lips felt fucking STRAAAAAANNNGGGEEEE oh my god I thought the bottom was gonna fall off hahaha. Towards the end of the night, I got a hickey type mark (normal) but I covered it with makeup. And then my husband saw it the following morning and good lord did I get a LOOK LMAO.

Here are some more:

The one before is a minute or two AFTER the after, and the second is about 4 hours after that.. still full, but not insanely huge.

There’s a rest period of 2 days “required” after the first, most likely to let your lips heal after the traumatic shit you just put them through (for the real one, not this guy), but I may be a stupid ass and try it again after one. Lightly. A little. Sort of. ALRIGHT I’M GONNA DO IT. My lips went down already and I feel as white as my father is. Sorry, Dad.

SOOOO so far I really like this thing, it seems to work as well as the real one. I’m excited to keep using it and keep you guys updated! I’m sure you’ll see in photos, though. 😉


xoxo, kikis