She’s back!

(For real this time, pinky swear!)



Okay, today’s post isn’t really going to be exciting at all (but honestly, have they ever been? LOL), but I’m just gonna catch you (few) followers up! ❀

So, if you aren’t a follower fromΒ my social media (@/sheisobscvred – Twitter, Instagram…), I recently got married! I’ve been pretty busy with that, like the whole name change, documents, etc. F U N! It is honestly the most amazing to be married to your best friend. Never did I think when we met at 14 that he’d choose me, but I’m so happy he did. (If you see this, I love you Buttbutt! <3). We even got our first car (TRUCK) together, that we’ve been wanting FOR-EVVVV-eeeEEERRRRR, yay!

Also, I’ve been dealing with my shit lately (long, boring story), so I haven’t been up to posting at all, but I’m ready to crawl out of my rut! πŸ˜€ I’m also in the process of looking for the perfect school to start in either the Fall or Spring semester and I’m SOOOSOSOSOSOOSO happy!

Lately, about every week or two, my husband and I have been travelling to where we moved from (we still have family there, of course) so I haven’t really been taking too many pictures/editing because of the lack of “good” scenery (I’m so very tired of the desert… JUDGE ME OKAY IDCIDCIDCIDCIDCIDC). BUT! I do have a few that I snapped and I enjoy, so I’ll try sharing those in a bit. πŸ™‚

************************ I’m going to start posting every Sunday A N D Wednesday, big or small, but I’m going to be keeping you guys updated on cool little snaps and adventures. Be sure to follow my social medias if you aren’t already, I’d appreciate it so much! I already appreciate the few of you who actually read this thing. Believe it or not, it’s what’s keeping me wanting to stick to this.. so, thank you! I’d love to get to know you guys, so don’t be a stranger! ❀


XOXO Kikis

2 thoughts on “She’s back!

  1. What career do you want to major in?
    My career I am currently achieving is Nursing.
    Congrats on your blog. Your my new blog-post favorite author!! πŸ’“ πŸ’œ πŸ’“


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