Happy International Women’s Day, you Gems! // Daily Looks

“A woman is like a teabag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”Eleanor Roosevelt.  This is one of my all time favorite quotes.. it is TOOOO spot on! ❤ I had a fairly busy day today. Ran some errands, stopped at some perfect photo spots on the highway, went grocery shopping.. all that good stuff! That being said, let’s jump into it. 😉

SO! Many moons ago, I used to SCRAMBLE trying to get my makeup absolutely PERFECT, whether it was for work or school.. it’s what I struggled with the most. I had always tried to look my very best, and I think I eventually got that down when I was around 19? PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Now, I eventually got tired of having to keep fixing my wings if I was running late- it was the W O R S T! BUT! I decided to come up with my own, super quick everyday makeup look, which takes me about 5-10 minutes. (Excuse the phone quality– I couldn’t find my camera this morning!)

FIRST: Brushes of Choice!17160896_165501277295425_1795550204_nI ADORE the combo of my Tarte kabuki and my Japonesque beauty sponge for foundation! It gives me the most perfect coverage, while the sponge also buffs out my contour- PERFECT, NO?!

For contour, I use the Lorac contour brush that I had received with their powder contour kit, which I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to repurchasing.. ANYWHO. It works so well to apply the cream contour (a few pictures below.. also by Tarte) that I am currently in love with.

Highlight? I gotchu girl. 😉 My FAVORITE brush to highlight with is actually Real Technique’s setting brush. It is honestly a dream to me! Can’t beat any brush that *I* have ever used!

Brows and lashes… SO. IMPORTANT! I use Tarte’s eyelash curler and a dual sided NYX brush for my brows, you know, to keep ’em looking sassy.


Primer? Smashbox. Foundation? Tarte. Concealer? it Cosmetics.

This is by far my favorite combination of products for my face (in warmer months.. but I usually stick to Too Faced Born This Way in the colder weather). There is something about the Smashbox and Tarte formulas that just stick together so well.. It’s so light and wears FOREVER. The concealer is just awesome coverage- I can’t get enough! I do, however, switch between this one and the Nars Radiant Creamy. They’re both amazing, in my opinion, but this one works better with this foundation.. if that makes sense? Haha. And obviously setting everything with my NYX Matte Finish.

For my highlight, I’m OBSESSEDDDDDDDD with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. I use every shade in this one (That Glow), depending on my look, but any shade works with my daily look.. LOVEEEE! ❤

For my contour, I just use this Tarte palette. It does have brightening shades, red-cancelling shades, etc., but I just use the darkest shade for now. Nothing too special, it’s just a really amazing, lightweight formula.


LASHES AND BROWS ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. If I can’t get them right, I might as well go back to sleep and wait another 5-7 business days.. LOL. To avoid this, I first use my handy lash curler and apply Urban Decay’s Subversion. One of my favorite Youtubers, Gina Shkeda (ginsmakeup) actually used this product quite a bit when I first started watching her, and I just stuck with it. It’s amazing. It’s better than coffee. Okay, almost, but you totally get the picture. I wait until it’s tacky before applying my it Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara, which is definitely a close second to Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes (which I ran out of last week… /sigh/). Perfect lashes every single time, no doubt.

For my brows, I line them with my NYX brow pencil, which is a GREAT dupe for ABH’s version (brow wiz). I fill them with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow (okay, wallet, you can’t yell at me for that one.. nothing can beat it), and set them with the NYX Control Freak. Now, I love this shit. So much. It is so cheap, it gets the job done SO WELL.. There’s nothing better. You cannot convince me otherwise (if you can, I’ll buy you coffee once a week for a month).

LIPSSSSSSS FINISH IT WITH DA LIPSSSSSSSS!! All i do is use the NYX Liquid Suede liner and liquid lipstick for this step. No chapstick (it makes the color run like crazy), no nothin’. Just the two products. The lipstick is honestly so hydrating to me, unlike a lot of others that I have tried in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I use other brands (mostly NYX and The Balm… ugh <3), just not as much as my main one(s).


WELLLLLLLL, I hope you guys enjoyed this! What are your go-to products? Let me know! I’m definitely open to trying new ones! 🙂

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