Sick Days and Dupes

First, happy Wednesday you amazing souls! Unfortunately, my Wednesday hasn’t been so happy. I woke up grumpy and sick before my husband left to play golf, again when the dogs started barking, and a THIRD EFFING TIME when my husband finally came home. I can’t stand being sick, this no energy thing sucks ass. I can’t deal LOL. HOPEFULLY your day is going better than mine has been. πŸ˜‰

SECOND! I wanted to post an OOTD yesterday with a cute cactus background (because AZ = DESERT.. weird, right?) but my genius ass left my SD card in the laptop. πŸ™‚ SO! Here’s a quick shot from last night, minus my favorite dirty white tennis shoes from Target (that were on clearance for $4 plus my employee discount at the time + red card.. go me).Β IMG_2146Super simple, but I loved it. ESPECIALLY since I can wear shorts without freezing now (my legs are in DESPERATE need of a tan).

FOR TODAY’S POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wow okay, that can stop now), I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite dupes! Now, they aren’t SUUUPER EXACT, but they’re close enough if you don’t want to spend over $8, like me.. sometimes. πŸ™‚IMG_2150

(FT MY FIRST AND FAVORITE TATTOO. No, it isn’t for a trend, it’s religion. But I’m not getting into that right now.)

With the colors, I’ve included names and pricing on them. The high ends can be purchased at Ulta, as well as the cheaper dupes (Or Target, if you’re wanting to randomly leave spending well over $300).

I’m absolutely in love with these colors, and will wear them no matter what season it is (I don’t do seasoned fashion…. GOOOOOODDBDDBDBBBYE).

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I’m going on an adventure with the hubby tomorrow, so I’ll be uploading in between posts! See you soon. ❀


xoxo – kikis

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