Okay, when I first saw these coming out, I told myself that I would NEVER get one, and how stupid they were.

…… Guess who got one.

BISHHHH YOU GUESSED IT. YOU WAS RIGHT. (But who are we kidding, we all changed the way we do our eyebrows/eyeliner, too, after we thought they were “perfect”… PFFFTTTT)


So, I got one of the cheaper versions, because I’m not 100% on these… yet. I got a small, and the measurements were to fit a 24/25 inch waist and supposedly shrink it down to a 23 inch? Okay, insane.

Out of the package, it looks like it’ll fit comfortably. Putting it on… holy shit was that a challenge. I guess ya girl gained a little too much happy weight since she got married LOL. It took me a good minute or two to actually get it on.. HAHAHAH oh god, was that sad.

The fit is pretty snug, but I’m sure that’s how it’s supposed to be… duh. I got used to the feeling of being hugged by a small lion after about an hour or so, but honestly, it isn’t bad. Just don’t really breathe. Or drink anything. Or eat anything. Don’t even sit down. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be 10000% comfortable in this fucking thing.

No, it’s not THAAAAAAT bad. It does take a second to get used to, though. I’ve had this on for three hours now, and I have no idea how long I’m supposed to wear it for. HA. Nice one. I’m seeing results of others using one (like mine) and they’re usually pretty good after about a week or two, so I took some before pictures (before wrestling this thing) and will take afters in a week, with how long I wore it each day.


xoxo, kikis

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