Museum Day!


So, as I mentioned yesterday in my little update, I went to the Heard Museum in Phoenix on Saturday! My friend Alexis, who I’ve known since?? 2001? Haha jeeze, crazy how our dads ended up retiring in the same city after being active duty for forever.

ANYWHO. She invited me to said museum for the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Exhibit! I hadn’t seen her since my birthday I think? And I adore Frida Kahlo, so of course I was down to take an adventure!

A little thing about this exhibit, it was in Europe and on its way to Mexico, but for some reason (comment below if you have any idea why!) it made its only stop in North America– PHOENIX, ARIZONA. How insane is that? ALL of the art work is ORIGINAL. Like… The fucking canvas’ that they used. I was in awe the whole time. There were also original photos taken of them, which was fantastic. It was as if you were being sucked into their time period. Have you ever had a better feeling while looking at art? A HUGE chunk of art history every single direction I looked in.. absolutely incredible.

Of course, having taken art classes throughout high school and college, I have seen many pieces of work from the two, but in person.. oh my god, the experience was so surreal you guys! I can’t even properly express how intense of a feeling that was! ❀

I’ll post a few photos below:


This is just a small portion of the exhibit.. I tried to restrain myself from taking a photo of EVERYTHING, and to just let myself enjoy it all. I am so incredibly happy that Heard Museum was able to be apart of this exhibit’s journey, and even more so that I am right around the corner. Grateful to have been given the opportunity to take a trip through history.

Apart from this, I also was able to explore the rest of the museum with Alexis, which was pretty cool. I enjoyed myself so, so much.

Here are more photo collages:

The inspiration from our history as human beings was a fucking roller coaster of emotions, mostly good and terrifying ones LOL.

When given the chance, PLEASE go check out some museums/etc. EXPAND YOUR MIND! It is the best thing that I have ever taken from the bullshit that constantly spewed from my high school art teacher’s mouth. It is some damn good advice, trust me.


xoxo kikis