Midnight Raven Studios: Meaning in Fashion REVIEW!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally be sharing my recent collaboration with The Midnight Raven, AKA Sarah Rombough (IG: midnight_raven_studios)!

Let me tell you, from the very first reaction, this girl was already cool in my book. Her style, her feed, her blog.. everything spoke to me. She is such a kindhearted soul, her energy is just so very lovely! Never a bad interaction whatsoever.

On her shoppe website, it is written, “Midnight Raven Studios is a fashion company aiming to create stunning accessories to truly allow you to express yourself.”, and this couldn’t be more accurate.
(ALSO!! Be sure to take The Spirit Stones Quiz here to find your archetype!)

She handcrafts BEAUTIFUL pieces of jewelry from crystals and stones, meant for healing and balance your overall well being. These pieces are one of a kind, no two are exactly alike, and they will immediately speak to you once you’ve found your match.
Her jewelry ranges from bracelets to earrings, amethyst to rose quartz, etc. Each piece has a purpose, and will soon hold a story!
Quite honestly, there is nothing more I love more than small business when it comes to my jewelry. The pieces are handmade, and that instantly makes them SOOO much more special than a manufactured piece., and you KNOW you will be getting something that will last, as she (as well as the majority of small business owners!) takes pride in her work, making it something that she would want for herself.

Luckily for us, she decided to expand beyond herself and give us the opportunity to be able to wear her beautiful jewelry ourselves. *heart eyes*

Sarah was kind enough to send me a few pieces of her jewelry (thank you again, Sarah!!), and I would LOVE to share with you all what I received.

First, a Green Aventurine Pendant
Described, “Green aventurine is loving and motherly stone promoting connection with nature, soothing and gentle love as well as a very strong luck stone. It’s the perfect pick me up when life just has not been going your way.”

I absolutely ADORE this piece, especially being able to wear it close to my heart. Immediately, I felt at peace, and actually got to see my parents the same day, which helped me with what I’ve been going through. I felt that the shorter I wore it, the more my energy danced with it, and it was so lovely.

Second, an Amethyst Minimalist Bracelet
Described, “Simple, modern and calming. Amethyst is a very strong multi purpose stone, great for it’s anti anxiety properties and it’s ability to help the wearer think more clearly. It’s also create for increasing intuition. As a whole it is a very good everyday wear, particularly for people with anxiety problems as it can help both get ride of that anxiety and get you thinking more logically.”, and I could not agree more.

This bracelet is my savior. Having dealt with anxiety for quite sometime now, this bracelet helps me tremendously. Right away, I held my hand over it, took some deep breaths, and felt so very calm. No pills, no artificial methods, just a natural, beautiful stone with me. Not only does it help the mind, but it complemented my outfit so nicely!! 🙂 Amethyst is a favorite of mine, and this piece was just done so beautifully.

Last, but not least, I received a pair of Lunar Goddess Basic Earrings
Described, “Made for the modern feminine woman. For strength, Independence and inner beauty.”

Now, I have not yet worn these out, but let me tell you, they are SO. GORGEOUS. I did, however, try them on, and they can easily pull a look together.
On her site it also states that, “Opalite helps you tap into goddess energy for feminine strength while white howlite helps to calm anxieties and irrational worries.”. I cannot wait to feel on top of the world in these beauties.

I am extremely grateful having been given this opportunity to work with such a talented woman! Talk about Boss Babe!
I am in love with her creations, and I cannot wait for my collection of her work to grow! I know you all will love her work, too! There are so many pieces that you can relate to, and cherish in your lives, for the peace they will bring is an incredible thing.

Being Wiccan, I have a very strong connection to stones/crystals, but you can bring this same love for them no matter what your beliefs, I promise. ❤

Please, give her a follow, a look, and send love! She is one of the friendliest people you will ever come across, so don’t be afraid to make a new friend! 🙂 Let me know what you guys think! ❤


xoxo, kikis

Hey? Hi? Hello? // QUICK UPDATE

So… I’m not dead HAHA. I am SOOOO SORRY that I have been completely silent for?? I don’t even know how long! 😦

A little summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • job hunting
  • expanding ‘family’ for Kikis Photography & Co.
  • exploring and branding my photography (in LOVE)
  • growing with this amazing social media family, I love talking with you guys!!
  • QUITTING SMOKING! (today, May 15th, is officially day 1 since I smoked half yesterday morning.. but HEY!)

Alright, I have a post showing my trip to the Heard Museum in Phoenix when I got to experience the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit! OH MY GOD, what an AMAZING experience! Thanks again to my wonderful friend Alexis (friends since ’01 AYEE).

Here’s a shot of me in front of the best background EVER:


(Thanks, Alexis <3)

And here are some photos that I’ve taken at this beautiful park that I discovered recently:

That’s just a little update on life, I’ll have the museum post up tomorrow! I can’t wait to share it.

As for projects I’ve been working on, be sure to look out for those in the next week or two! ❤


xoxo kikis

Happy Easter!

Hey guys! Happy Easter! 🙂 Today, I’m home alone with the pup and Ben is at work. 😦 Like always haha. I’ve been rather busy in my personal life lately, and I won’t get into it too much, but sorry that I’ve been kind of quiet! So, I just have a couple of mini posts crammed into one, I hope you don’t mind!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few makeup products that I created Spring inspired looks with this week!!

SOOO I’ve been loving the Roller Lash from Benefit Cosmetics lately, especially with my Subversion (UD) Lash Primer! Super quick way to brighten up your eyes. 🙂 Mine, anyway!

Of course the usuals, but I’ve been using the Urban Decay Smoky Palette more and more! A natural smoky eye is one of my favorite looks, and this helps me achieve it sooo well! And my Tarte Lip Paint? TO. DIE. FOR.

Quite honestly, it is BY FAR my favorite liquid lipstick formula! Quick drying (obv), doesn’t smudge, it is light weight and comfortable, AND it hardly wears off with food! AMAZING?!? Like, I feel like most LLs wear easily with foods? Especially more oily ones. But this one hangs pretty well!

ANDDD a little Easter OOTD for you guys! I love this dress soooososososo much, I wish I has more occasions to wear it! I got it at H&M about 2 years ago and have worn it maybe 5 times? Oi. Same with the booties! I got them in December and have worn them ONCE! Gah, I seriously need to stop spending. But we all know that it’s not going to happen AHAH shit.

18009022_190423314803221_1942692760_n (1)

Just a little snap I wanted to share. 😉

So, another WISH purchase came in!


It’s a knock off of a God Saves Queens bikini, but it’s still cute as fuck and it was $2 with $1 shipping. UHM. YES PLEASE? Seriously, how could I pass that up? Now, I got a small, when I should have purchase both small AND medium, because I don’t have a butt, but these bottoms are TINY. The top on the other hand fits perfectly! So ya girl has to start working out and busting her ass to fit into this for summer. LOL. But I seriously love it.


So, I’ve been working on some really amazing (to me) content and I CANNOT wait to share it with you guys!! I’m having a lot of fun with this, so I hope you guys will love seeing it! Stay tuned. 😉

xoxo, kikis


Sunday Adventure and DIY Acrylics

Hey guys! I KNOW, I KNOW.. I’M LATE. AND I’M SORRY OKAY I JUST. GOSH. I spent the day with Ben (my husband, for you new readers!) and we just enjoyed the day together and with our pups.

I made breakfast (waffles and coffee, my favorite <3) for B and I, which I hardly ever do anymore, and we finally went to a park that we drive by almost every other day, and the dogs loved it (I did, too!). I did, however, get eaten alive by mosquitos. 🙂 Guess it’s that time again! I made tacos for dinner and now we’re just drinking coffee and watching Hunter x Hunter.

Before I get into the nails, here are a couple of favorites from today (taken w/ Canon 80D).

NOW. DIY Acrylic nails! These suckers were a paaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in the ass. I shit you not. This is my 3rd attempt with these (the Kiss kit!), and it’s DEFINITELY better than the first time, but I want to do this another time or two before I put up an actual tutorial type deal. Yes/no? Let me know. 😉


It was super fun, don’t get me wrong, but unless you’ve done it a few times (or have natural nail magic talent shit) then they can look BUUUULLLKKKKKKYYYY. Ooooo girl. BULKY. This time around, they weren’t too bad. I just filed the tops smooth before applying polish. 😉 At first I had kept them square, but I just can’t stand square nails on me hahah. SO! I just filed them down to an almond-ish shape, applied my second favorite polish, and called it a day. In person (and photos, to me), they look super natural! I love them. BUT! During my second time, I used up the natural tips… so under the polish I have a French manicure. Not crazy bad, though. I enjoy the random pop of white.

I want to keep this up, because I absolutely HAAATEE paying $40-$50 every time I get a new set. With this kit, it’s about $3-$5 (each time.. the kit runs about $10), depending on how many tips you use (it usually comes w/ 20 each color, but mess ups are possible!). They also sell sets of nail tips at beauty stores (such as Sally Beauty), and keep using the glue, acrylic liquid, and powder! VIOLA! Cheap (but quality c;) acrylic nails!


I hope you guys have enjoyed your Sunday! I know I have. I’m gonna go make more coffee and get some fruit snacks now…. I’M AN ADULT OKAY.